We at Ventative have many aims and ambitions, one being to create a business model
more environmentally friendly, effective and efficient for our customers aiming to boost
productivity within your office. At times your office document solutions can be confusing
and lead by elaborate technologies and bespoke payment plans. We like to 'strip it back'
working closely with you to create a workflow solution designed to meet the evolving
needs of your company today. We don't confuse matters, we simplify them.

Ventative has over 10 years experience in the industry and has seen many changes and
introductions of some fantastic technology. Working with various manufacturers during
this time we have found Ricoh to be the best to partner with for best fit solutions,
Ventative can relate to its potential customers when it comes to needing to make the right
choice, we needed to be extremely confident in our choice as it will determine our future
working relationship. What Ventative has to offer is very strong and future proof in every